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10 days until Valentines Day! Here are some fresh new Valentine Graphics to tell your sweetie that you love them (or kind of like them).

Valentine Hearts - click for code!

Valentine Hearts - click for code!

Happy Valentines Day - click for code!

Happy Valentines Day - click for code!

And don’t forget you can create your own I love you graphics with our heart generator – check it out!

Make Your Own I Love You Graphic - click here!

Make Your Own I Love You Graphic - click here!


Alright, so we’ve been doing all the work to this point, creating all of the love graphics and putting them up on It’s time for someone else to do some of the work! If you are an aspiring designer, submit your graphics to us and we’ll feature them on the site. We’ll give you credit for your work and you can send your friends to admire the fact that you’re a published artist!

Need some ideas? Our most popular categories are:

So, get started designing your graphics and send them to us! Need some graphic design tips? Click here! And the best program to use? Adobe Photoshop for sure. But Microsoft Paint gets the job done too!

There are new hearts in the heart generator at You can create love graphics with any of these new love icons:

If you’re stuck on who you love or what you love or what you should do about love, check out this blog on love advice.

Use the heart graphics above to create “I love…” messages for you friends, for you blogs, for your profiles, etc. It’s fun to get creative with telling everyone who and what you love!

Okay, who is everybody’s favorite Olympic star? Why, Michael Phelps, of course!!!

You can also check out great Michael Phelps Myspace Layouts too! 6 medals down, 2 to go…we’re all watching, Michael! No pressure 🙂

This is the spot for cool I Love You Graphics and I Heart You Graphics to post on Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, and eventually Facebook

I Love You Graphic

I Heart You Graphic

Flashing Love Graphic

Create Your Own Love Graphic

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