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Hey everybody out there – well 2009 has arrived and we send out lots of love and happiness and lucky days ahead for the new year. We spent the new year with my new sisters new baby Maya – shout out to Baby Maya, you are the cuuutest thing ever 🙂

With Valentines Day 2009 right around the corner, I wanted to post some new love graphics to get this year started off right… Whether your looking for love quotes graphics, emo love graphics, peace graphics, broken heart graphics, or just some plain ole’ i love my girlfriend graphics…. well we got you covered! Below you willl find a small sample of each of the love graphics with a link to the full category on iCrush Alot.

Don’t see the graphic you want? Click here and use the Heart Generator on iCrush Alot (Its where all of these love graphics were created)

Glitter graphics are one of the hottest types of graphics around right now. They’re really fun on your myspace profile. We’ve got cool glitter love graphics for all types of occasions. Check them out, they’re super cute!

I love these cute glitter graphics, they’re fun and sparkly and totally girly!
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