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10 days until Valentines Day! Here are some fresh new Valentine Graphics to tell your sweetie that you love them (or kind of like them).

Valentine Hearts - click for code!

Valentine Hearts - click for code!

Happy Valentines Day - click for code!

Happy Valentines Day - click for code!

And don’t forget you can create your own I love you graphics with our heart generator – check it out!

Make Your Own I Love You Graphic - click here!

Make Your Own I Love You Graphic - click here!


Okay, who is everybody’s favorite Olympic star? Why, Michael Phelps, of course!!!

You can also check out great Michael Phelps Myspace Layouts too! 6 medals down, 2 to go…we’re all watching, Michael! No pressure 🙂

Glitter graphics are one of the hottest types of graphics around right now. They’re really fun on your myspace profile. We’ve got cool glitter love graphics for all types of occasions. Check them out, they’re super cute!

I love these cute glitter graphics, they’re fun and sparkly and totally girly!
+lorien | icrushalot crew

This is the spot for cool I Love You Graphics and I Heart You Graphics to post on Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, and eventually Facebook

I Love You Graphic

I Heart You Graphic

Flashing Love Graphic

Create Your Own Love Graphic

Check out the design of these heart graphics. What a different statement the look of these hearts can make…

Some hearts show you’re truly in love…

Some say “love isn’t easy”

Some are pretty….

And some just say Love is Cruel.

These different heart graphics sure make different statements, don’t they? Check these and other myspace love graphics out!

It’s so great to be in

If you’re looking for love graphics, I’ve got the best collection for you. These love and heart images are perfect for using on your blog or social networking profile. There are also great ones to use as comments or messages to your friends. At this site, the heart graphics are broken down into many categories and easy to navigate. Here are a few of my favorites:

I Love You Graphics:

I Love You

I Love My girlfriend graphics:

I Love My Girlfriend

Broken Heart Graphics:

Heartbroken graphic

You’re Hot Graphics:

Stop Being So Hot

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