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Love Somebody?  Check out our newest I Love You Graphics!

Make Your Own I Love You Graphic or check out more love graphics at

later…<3 Colin


There are a million love quotes out there. It’s fun to find the cute love sayings that express your mood, and it doesn’t hurt when they’re cute graphics to boot! Check out these love quote graphics:

These love icons are really popular now, they are a great size for combining several of them to make your own love collage.

Glitter graphics are one of the hottest types of graphics around right now. They’re really fun on your myspace profile. We’ve got cool glitter love graphics for all types of occasions. Check them out, they’re super cute!

I love these cute glitter graphics, they’re fun and sparkly and totally girly!
+lorien | icrushalot crew

New Emo Love Graphics just created!  Kiss of Death Emo Graphic, Black Band aid Emo Heart Graphic, Emo Rose Graphic, and two cool I Miss You Emo Graphics.

Kiss Of Death Emo Graphic

Male Emo Graphics Emo Heart Graphic Emo Rose Graphic

Girl Emo Love Graphics I Miss You Emo Love Graphic

As usual head over to and check out more Emo Graphics or create your own emo graphic with our I Heart Generator.  If you are wondering, what is Emo? check it out.

Pink Skull Heart Graphic Later!    +Colin | icrushalot crew

This is the spot for cool I Love You Graphics and I Heart You Graphics to post on Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, and eventually Facebook

I Love You Graphic

I Heart You Graphic

Flashing Love Graphic

Create Your Own Love Graphic

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